Research, Script and Directon – Subasri Krishnan

Cinematography and Editing – Amit Mahanti

Location Sound and Sound Design/Mix – Julius L. Basaiawmoit

Editing Consultant – Sameera Jain

Translation and Transcription – Bedatri D. Choudhury

Graphics – Chandan Gorana

Producer – Rajiv Mehrotra (for PSBT)

Executive Producers – Tulika Srivastava and Ridhima Mehra


Director’s Biography

Subasri Krishnan has been a documentary filmmaker for the past 10 years. She also heads the Media Lab of the Indian Institute for Human Settlement (IIHS), a national education institution that works on the urban.

Her filmmaking work has ranged from a number of commissioned non-fiction films on rights based issues to documentary films. Her first documentary film Brave New Medium on internet censorship in South-East Asia, has been screened at film festivals, both nationally and internationally. The award-winning This or That Particular Person produced by the Public Service Broadcasting Trust (PSBT) looks at the idea of official identity documents, and in that context, the Unique Identity number. The film was adjudged as the Best Short Documentary Film at the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala (IDSFFK), 2013. Her new documentary film What The Fields Remember explores ideas of memory, violence and justice through the survivors’ narratives of the massacre and spaces that witnessed the violence.

As part of her work in the Media Lab at IIHS, she teaches and curates the Urban Lens film festival.

Prior to going to film school, Subasri worked for the academic journal Seminar.


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